Referral Program

SAVE UP TO 40% ON YOUR CELL BILL!!!                                                            Toll Free: (855) Hello NJ ==>    [855-435-5665]  ext 101 


(renewable every 6 Months — For Cell Payment Plan of up to $75) 

SIGNUP FOR SIX MONTHS BILL FREE - 3 Convenient Memberships :
1.SILVER: (if your phone has a: $19 to $29 
Plan) – Your Membership is: $100
if your phone has a: $30 Plan) – Your Membership is: $110
2.GOLD:    (if your phone has a: $31 to $49 Plan) – Your Membership is: $155
if your phone has a: $50 Plan) – Your Membership is: $175
3.DIAMOND: (if your phone has a: $51 to $70
Plan) – Your Membership is: $220   .
(if your phone has a: $71 to $75 Plan) – Your Membership is: $230

How does it work?

The 2 Steps to have your cell phone bill paid for you for 6 Months, saving up to 40%… Any Carrier:

1- Sign up for the Silver, Gold or Diamond Membership, valid for 6 months to save and Make potential commission.
(5 Days to cancel and request a refund)

2- Your only RESPONSIBILITY is to become an Eligible Member by SIGNING UP 2 new Members, 
(within 29 days)

referral chart

NOTE:  On the first day of the next month), Your 6 months will be paid .

   IMPORTANT NOTE: If your referral is on a lower plan or membership than yours, you need to compensate, equally balance or double your referral base. 

                                                                                    As simple as that!!

Renew in 6 Months (no referral Required)                     


COMPENSATION FOR Hello Pinless’ Agents 

All Hello Pinless Distributors and Agents earn $5.00 commission on each new signup.


1- Receive an immediate Bonus check of $3 for any additional Eligible Member (with 2 new Members) that you sign up.
2- Receive a monthly Residual check of $2 for your active Eligible members.

(remember your new Members belong to you alone. if you give up any, commissions/benefits/bonus go to that person  if or when he/she becomes Eligible).

Now Imagine you have friends and family that like you and you register 25 Members in the program… that’s $75 bonus, not counting the $300 in residual income for you alone you’ll receive for these combine members…  Don’t doubt your blessings!!
EX:   ((
$3 X 25 members = $75) + ($2 X 25 X 6months = $300)) You’ll earn a total of $375.00.


1- Silver Members, sign up 3 EQUAL members directly under you and get $30 of International minutes, within a week.

2- Gold Members, sign up 3 EQUAL members directly under you and receive a free Tablet, within a week.

3- Diamond Members, sign up 4 EQUAL members directly under you and get 3 Days/3 Nights to the Bahamas on the Carnival cruise ship.


SIMPLE – No Gimmick!  –  Help a couple of friends save $500+ a YEAR or more on their bill, be rewarded and save Big !

For more info please call: 1-855-435-5665 ext 101.